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 Guide of Role-Playing...[no special place to post this...]

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PostSubject: Guide of Role-Playing...[no special place to post this...]   Thu Sep 02, 2010 6:41 pm

Guide of Role-Playing.(RP)

of all you should know what Role Play means.Role Play is when you are
acting/doing actions with that character your are playing inside the
game like in real life.So if you make a deadly car crash you should not
be able to accelerate anymore because in real life i do not think you
can do that after a deadly car crash.Do/make things like in real life
always and you will learn quickly.There are two commands called /me and
/do which are the most used and useful commends in art of Role
Play.Every respected Role Play server have some rules which players
should NEVER brake those rules.

Here i will explain those rules and how to do/do not do things.
start with OOC: (Out of Character) which is when you are not RP-ing
because of some proper OOC (Out of Character)reason by example an
administrator on-duty tells you to stop RP-ing for a white.Otherwise you
can use those information you know OOCly only in OOC chat (on most RP
servers commands for local and global ooc chats are /b [text] (for
local) and /o [text] (For global),global OOC chat is almost always
closed because of MG-ers (you will see what MG means) and probably
spammers)Also your character does not feel anything.
IC (In
Character):Is when your character feels everything and doing things as a
real person (By using /me and /do commends it looks like your character
really feel and doing things).(you have been hit strong) he/she must
use /me cmd before doing action over you.(E.G he/she have to do /me
Attemps to hit the stranger strongly as he can with a Brass Knockless in
stranger's face.Then he/she have to use /do cmd to see if he succeds or
fails with his/her action.You are able to stop his/her attack by using
/do cmd but you can not just say /do Fails without having a good reason
how you blocked his/her hit.)
/me cmd shows that you are making an action like /me Raises his hand down to his back pocket and takes out a fatty wallet.
/do cmd shows the your /me cmd is in progress.
(MetaGame)Which means to use OOC informations In character.(E.G you see
a player's name above his head ''John'' and you are telling something
like ''Hello John''ICly you can not do that In Real Life(IRL) because
IRL you do not see peoples name above their heads, and the right way is
to ask him something like ''Hello,sir what is your name?'' like in real
life.)If you do MG you will be punished by helpers or administrators of
the respective server.
DM (DeathMatch)Which means to kill/attack
someone without a ICly reason.(E.G you see a man on the street and you
attack him because you are bored IRL,well that is not allowed EVER on
every Role-Play server,you will be also punished if you do that)
can attack/kill a player only after you have a good IC reason like he
destroyed your life then you can go and attack/kill him.
(RevengeKill)Which is when someone has been killed and after being
spawned at [X]Hospital hes going directly to the person which killed him
to kill him back.(E.G You killed me and i spawned at Hospital then i am
coming directly to you to take the revenge)That is not allowed and if i
do that i will get punished.
PG (PowerGaming)Which means to use
powers that you do not have like throwing or whatever there are a lot of
examples.(E.G Im standing on your car while you have 200km/ that
could be possible IRL?Well its not that why you will be punished if you
do that.)
PK (PlayerKill)Which is when you kill a player RPly and
for that you need to use /me cmd not only to shooting him without using
any /me cmd.The player you are PK-ing is losing all his/her things even
if he/she have 2 billion of dollars and 3 cars.But you can not PK a
player until a level 4 administrator or lead administrator approves the

Here i will post some examples of /me and /do cmds.

[Taking some money from ATM]
/me Moves his right hand down to his right pocket and takes out his wallet.
/do 1/3
/do 2/3
/do 3/3
/do I am Holding my wallet in my right hand (not necessary but it looks pro:D)
/me Opens the wallet and takes out his ATM card.
/do There is a ATM card spot into the machine
/me Inserts the ATM into the spot
/do 1/2
/do 2/2
/do Screen is Loading...
/do You can see a sum of money on the ATM's screen.
/me Presses some buttons on the ATM to select a sum of bucks.
/do 1/5
/do 2/5
/do 3/5
/do 4/5
/do 5/5
/do The sum i selected has appeared on ATM's screen
/me Presses on the button called ''Take the bucks''
/do There comes out that sum of money which i selected.
/me Puts that sum of money in the wallet with his left hand.
/do 1/2
/do 2/2
/me Takes his card back from the card spot place and puts it back on his wallet.
/do 1/2
/do 2/2
/me Moves his right hand down to his right pocket and puts the wallet back in.
/do 1/2
/do 2/2

[End of ATM example]

[Lock/Unlock a car]
/me Moves his left hand down to his pocket which is in his pants back side and takes a remote control key from there.
/do 1/2
/do 2/2
/do On the remote control key are 2 buttons
/do 1 button is green and one red
/me Presses and the green button to unlock his/her car.
/do 1/2
/do 2/2
/me Presses the red button from then remote control key to lock his car.
/do 1/2
/do 2/2

[End of Lock/Unlock a car example]

That is how /me and /do cmds are working.

I hope my RolePlay-ing guide will help you.Thank you for Reading it.

TR-RP Helper
You wont like to RolePlay until you know how to RolePlay
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Guide of Role-Playing...[no special place to post this...]
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