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 Strange woman Attacks the Alahambra Hotel.

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Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt

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PostSubject: Strange woman Attacks the Alahambra Hotel.   Fri Sep 10, 2010 10:03 am

*You Notice Armoured Trucks standing near Alahambra Hotel, next to the Fire Departament.
*You Notice armoured SWAT members are barricading Alahambra Hotel with road blocks*
*A reporter is talking with the SWAT Commander......*
*You Come closer to hear what they are talking about*

SWAT Commander: The reason why we surrounded the hotel because we got calls about one strange woman.... her eyes are full of blood and she has a killed three peapoles inside... she camed from Las Venturas. We find out that she was expirementing by Research And Development Section in area 69. She doesn't have no family and she is alone. In the next Fourghty Eight ours we will break into Quarantine zone. We are guessing she might not be alive or either dead.
*You turn arround and noticed a San News Van opened*
*You noticed a broken camera inside the Van and take it.*
*You took out video tape of the camera and putting the video tape into the DVD Player*

*The text is writing now on the screen of DVD player*

Not Recomending to watch. What you about to see it is totally clasified by Research And Development section A69 departament.

*Video starts to show*

Nothing But You.

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PostSubject: Re: Strange woman Attacks the Alahambra Hotel.   Sat Sep 11, 2010 1:33 am

*Lucas Smith passes by Alahambra with his Sultan*
*Lucas Smith rolls down window of his car*
*Lucas Smith spits down near SWAT officers shoes*
*Lucas Smith rolls windows up*
*Lucas Smith drives off leaving trail of smoke*

Name : Lucas Smith scratch
Age : 20 Razz
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Strange woman Attacks the Alahambra Hotel.
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