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 Los Santos Police Academy Nr.1

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Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt

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PostSubject: Los Santos Police Academy Nr.1   Los Santos Police Academy Nr.1 I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 15, 2010 5:33 am

Academy 1; Date and Time

Please show up at one of this times. If you fail to show up to both of the date and time listed below, then you will need to re-apply in order to join the Los Santos Police Department. Meet up inside the LSPD Lobby.
Academy 29

Academy A
Server time:

Academy B
Date: Sunday -
Server time:

(( PS: Server Time is GMT+2))

Things to remember:
*Remember you only need to meet up at one of these academy times.
*Check this post for any changes that may or may not be made.
*If you cannot show up at any of the academies, please re-apply for the next Police Academy.

Los Santos Police Department
Recruitment Department & Training Department

Nothing But You.

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Los Santos Police Academy Nr.1
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