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 69' Street Killers.[BETA]

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Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt

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PostSubject: 69' Street Killers.[BETA]   Tue Oct 19, 2010 11:38 pm

69' Street Killers.

The Destruction
Small town was called Bayside. The most quiet peacefull land in all San Andreas. Once there were entire war between two motorcycle clubs who was the best in the all Bayside. Once all of those motorcycle clubs fallen and town was abandoned. Only the leaders were able to stand still but watching how their members falling they had no choice how to end up the war.
New Hope of the Reconstruction
It has passed three years since this war. The one motorcycle club Leader Anthony Polonksy also called as "Indigo" was mooving to the Los Santos for peace and quiet. After of couple of months has passed he felt that all he done in bayside was just a beggining. He suddenly began to post the papers all arround Los Santos saying "69' Street Killers are Back".. in the mean time he was building an nice place where could the club stay and so on....... the RECONSTRUCTION BEGINS
New Enemies
After building an interrior for the club members and his own he realized that there is alot of maggots living inside Los Santos city such as Ballas and Grove Street. Anthony didin't want to advertise in the public he did that secret way. Weeks after weeks alot of group members begin to rise... but there was one problem..... no guns and no vehicles that could serve for them till the death... so Anthony decided one idea....
69' Street Killers For Ever!
After Anthony was thinking how to get vehicles and such..... he drove off back to Bayside. As he camed to Bayside the place was burned and still burning.......He opened the old motorcycle club garrage and noticed that there is still an some bikes and cars still remmaining. He quickly called his members to get here and pick up the rides and go home. After they returned to Los Santos they quickly puted the Cars and Bikes to the Los Santos ocean Docks. After months the all city was talking about crazy drivers with gas masks and Manhunt Masks driving arround the city with either blue or black or either strange T-Shirts or strange clothes. Anthony was excited. The 69' Street Killers is back online. But.... some of his mind didin't wanted to let it go......... if he will suceed to concquer all Los Santos or to find the enemies motorcycle leader....... and say sorry for him.

Street Killer King
[Anthony Polonsky]

Street Killer Legend


Street Killer

Street Soldier


((Download Link Will be posted Later))

OOCLY: Dont Pm us saying "Hi can i join in" and such..... we wont do that. You have to get your way in.

ICLY: Picking by rp style or either Illegal Motorcycle races.


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69' Street Killers.[BETA]
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