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 Post Your Applications Here

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Lead Admin

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PostSubject: Post Your Applications Here   Thu Aug 19, 2010 3:25 am

Please post your applications in this topic.
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Ryan Cooper

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your Applications Here   Tue Aug 31, 2010 5:34 am


FBI Application Format

( Please answer these questions with RED color )

IC Questions

Name: Ryan Cooper

Age: 19

Date of Birth: 10/10/1990
Nationality: American

Phone Number: 3586808

Address: Setringston St. 24

Email Address:


Education: LSG - Los Santos Gimnasium ((Something like that))

Past Law Enforcement Experiences: Noone

Have you ever been convicted a crime? If yes, what?: No

Do you possess any Law enforcement knowledge?:Abit.

Are you willing to die for the well being of this country?: yes

Biography (( 300 words with at least 2 paragraphs )):
Ryan , was born in All Saints hospital , in 1990 .He was not the only one in the family , he had a sister , Caroline , she was born in 1990 , but next month.Ryan and Caroline's parents were Jack Cooper and Natali Cooper.Ryan and his sister was going to a Kindergarden named "Bell" , where they passed 1/2 childness.At 7 they went to school , but sadly , his sister got another class.Ryan was a good student , he had 9 / 10's only.At 12 , he went to another school , because they moved from Los Santos , to San Fierro.At 18 , they both finished school.Then they went to university , named San Fierro grand University.In 2009 , the same year Ryan joined the university , he left , because he thought he don't need it.

----------------comin' back---------------

In 2010 April 04 Friday 21:34:10 , Ryan talked to his parents , that he wants to move back to los Santos . Jack and Natali , wasn't happy with the idea , but they accepted it.2010 April 16 Thursday 04:10:38 Ryan got on the plane.In about 30minutes , the plane took off . In about 2 hours , the plane safely landed on the ground.Ryan got out of Airport , called a taxi , and said to the Cab Driver the location , where his friend lives.After 10minutes , the Cab stopped near a house.Ryan left the cab , and went near the door.

---------------------Good Old Times---------------
Ryan ringed the bell , and his friend opened the door.They handshaked , and went inside.After talking "how are you doing?" , Ryan asked his friend , where he can stay for few days.His friend offered to stay at one hotel.Next morning , he called a taxi again , and said the adress of the about 5mins , he got out of the cab and went to the registry.He said he wants a room to live for few days.And now ryan lives , in a hotel.

Why do you want to work in the FBI? (( 200 words )) The Fbi.I love to be silent , i don't want alot of attention , and the FBI doesn't require alot of it.I keep secrets with my life . I could capture a badguy without him knowing that i would be an fbi agent.The thing is , i suck at getting attention.I could be a good helper to LSPD , ARMY , or even SWAT ((Idk if u have swat xD)).For now ..This..

Copy of your Identification (( /Stats ))

Uploaded with


(( OOC Questions ))

Real Name: Ignas

Age: 14

Sex: male

Hours Played: 1 [Ftw]

Country: Lithuania

Timezone: +2

Hours online everyday: 4 fo sure.

Previous Factions: Noone

Do you plan on ever going corrupt? Drop weapons or giving weapons for other people

OOC lies are Bannable: NO!

OOC means: Out Of Character

2 Examples: /b Hey dude , u got a Ventrillo?

/o Does anyone know where is Lithuania?

IC means In character.

2 Examples: Hello sir , what is your name?

Hi sir , do you like this Blue LandStalker?

Explain Metagame: When u use OOC in IC.I mean when you : /b who can give me 100$ IG?

Explain Rushtazing: Using /ta [/taze] alot of times , non stop .Like : Tazes a man , and tazes till a cop comes xD

Rate your Skills [1-10]:

Rate your RP skills: 8/10.Rate your Shooting skills: 9/10Rate your English: Look at Biography..Well...For me it's 8/10Rate your Intelligence: Kinda annoying some times..7/10

If a cop pulls you over, what would you do?: The same as a civillian...Say Hello and do what the officer wants.

If you're a FBI agent, are you gonna boss around in the LSPD?: Never.

What's the Difference between FBI and LSPD?: LSPD , can patrol , arrest people..FBI can only get the Data the LSPD needs to arrest a dude .

If you see a guy holding a gun, what would you do?: Call 911...

You are a FBI agent, Are you gonna run or stop for red lights?: Stop.

If you become FBI agent, are you gonna abuse /equips with m4,mp5,spas12, and sniper?: abuse?Nah..I don't do this kind of things.

If a cop pulls you over for running red lights, what would you do?:Pay the ticket , or go to jail .

What should you call me ICly?: A , Nah joking Very Happy [The real answer is C]

A. Sheep
B. John
C. Director Shephard

If you are IC corrupt, are you willing to accept the punishment of 5 hours in IC prison?:I won't be corrupt..Even if it will happen , ill accept..

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PostSubject: Re: Post Your Applications Here   Wed Sep 01, 2010 10:44 am

Ehm..I am sorry to inform you but we dont have FBI yet. And i dont think we need. if you want you can apply to LSPD.
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PostSubject: Re: Post Your Applications Here   

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Post Your Applications Here
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