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 Post Your Forum Administrator Applications Here

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PostSubject: Post Your Forum Administrator Applications Here   Thu Aug 19, 2010 9:55 am

I fail so badly Smile
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PostSubject: Frankys apply   Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:08 pm

Your name :Jesse

Your IG name :Franky_Vermacelli

Why do you want to join? (( Minimum 75 words )) : Well i am Taxi leader and im usually a lot in forums, so i want to be a forum moderator/admin because i like to surf around forums and do stuff here. I really like your server and forums and staff and hopefully new coming players. I want to support your server and keep the forums clean and help the new players and i can clean up these forums for you.

Why should we accept you? (( Minimum 50 words )):You should because i am active guy and all because i dont have any 24/7 work and i am alot at computer. I know what to do with posts and spams and lockable topics. You should accept me because i am a fine guy and you know that.

What can you do to help us? : I can keep the forums clean from shit and i can help/support other people with their problems.

How can you help with the forum? : I can still clean it up and lock topics and delete doubleposts and help and support people.

Stracci:: Denied, we don't need forums staff right now.
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Post Your Forum Administrator Applications Here
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