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 Format [Must Use For Adverts]

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PostSubject: Format [Must Use For Adverts]   Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:10 am

Format For City Hall Adverts


- Details about your self for contacting.
- Some Information and Screen Shots on the property that you are selling.
- Use brackets [ that is (( )) ] when you are talking OOC.

(( Everyone must notice that this is an IC thread, so when you are posting OOC things, you must add (( )).

Quote :

Selling Three Bedroom House, Richman

Current Owner: [ Your name ]
Phone Number: [ IC phone number ]
Email ID: [ Make one up, like.. ]
Location of the Property: [ Richman, in this case ]
Pictures: [ Show the Screen Shots here ]
Starting Price: [ Give the starting price for which your selling the Property ]

Thank You,
[ Your IC name ]

You could use the same format as I've used or just come up with one that really brings up RP. ))
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Format [Must Use For Adverts]
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